Did you like the “Hippocrates” series? Medical students too

Hugs, complicit smiles and common worries … We saw two episodes of the new series of Canal + with those of the University Paris-Descartes, along with its director Thomas Lilti.

This Tuesday, November 13, there is more than politeness in the smile of Thomas Lilti . When he comes down the stairs of the packed amphitheater of the University Paris-Descartes, the director of Hippocrates ( the film and the series ) jubilant pride, gratitude, youth found. The medical students have reserved a warm heck of welcome, which shines the eyes and swell the breasts of the actors who accompany him, Alice Belaïdi , Karim Leklou and Louise Bourgoin .

The only thing missing is Zacharie Chasseriaud , Hugo’s interpreter, an immature intern whose gaffes have never ceased to elicit disapproving murmurs, even “oh! damn … ” scandalized throughout the screening of the first two episodes of the series broadcast by Canal +.

  1. We were there ! “Hippocrates”: finally a good series in a white coat on French TV?

If we rely on the sound level displayed during and after the screening, future practitioners have (quite) liked it. The actors are relieved: they who had never seen a syringe as close as during the filming know how they usurp the port of the iconic white coat … The joyous drum of the hands on the desks sounds like a tribute, and for a moment, false and future doctors vibrate in unison.

Thomas Lilti, doctor-director

“The series shows this group spirit, this solidarity between the interns,” said Céleste, a sophomore. His field experience is limited to a three-week internship at the hospital, but it has already been enough for him to experience the vertigo of individual responsibility for the sick and its essential corollary, the solidarity of the medical profession.

“The hospital has its own language, its rituals, its rooms of guard and this tradition of the wheel of wages, which one sees in the first episode and that I did not know myself well,” she continues. To decompress, in fact, interns are loaded with gritty challenges. “Even if everything is not glorious, I find it nice to show the reality as it is. And there is something that makes me look forward to it. “

This something is the sincerity of Thomas Lilti who, on the screen as in questions and answers, plays cards on the table. On entering the amphitheater, before the screening, the director, who still practices medicine, had told students, “I went through here twenty years ago. It changed my life. And that made the man I am. “The address could appear pompous; it was only a way to allow the public to see in his work a long secret.

How did he choose the pathologies treated, asks a young man. “It’s not the exceptional side of the disease that interested me, but the caring-neat relationship. The way it transforms, improves, or damages caregivers. “The Ethics professor and forensic Marie-France Mamzer has identified” a couple of scenes “that can be studied in class.

An educational tool?

“If the series can serve as a tool to discuss, free speech, so much the better , welcomes Thomas Lilti. Me, I missed in studies, to be able to express myself . Later, moreover, he says: “Medical errors, I made full. Fortunately, it never worked. Any good doctor makes mistakes … ” A sentence-talisman? “The discomfort of interns is well shown , confirms Celeste. We know little about it, but some are depressed, even suicidal … “

An old intern speaks. After a rant on Facebook in January 2017, seen more than 11 million times in 72 hours, Sabrina-Aurore Ali Benali has just published The Revolt of an intern. Health, hospital: state of emergency (Payot ed.). She is grateful to Thomas Lilti so well to evoke “non-organic care”, all these attentions, reassuring words, exchanges without medical issues that treat as much as drugs.

Especially … if you are wrong drugs! In fact, an internal medicine intern slammed the administration of Claforan (the commercial name of cefotaxime) to a patient who suffered a rupture of oesophageal varices … “Ah! I killed him there? ” exclaims Thomas Lilti. We were leaving on what, then? Which family of antibiotics? “The guy has not a clue. And the director to throw in a general laughter: “Ah! she is beautiful, French medicine!”

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