Volunteering is becoming more and more attractive to Bulgarians

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Poll results

An increasing number of people are involved in voluntary initiatives in Bulgaria, it became clear in an online discussion organized by MOVE.BG on 20 November 2014 at the House of MOVE.BG , which aimed to draw attention to people who help good will and contribute to improving the quality of community life. The results of a thematic Facebook poll, which involved more than 240 people, reveals that volunteer preferences in Bulgaria are in the spheres of social campaigns and initiatives, disaster relief, disaster relief and rescue, as well as in policy development and development civil society.

Discussion with:

Participants in the discussion were Tihomira Metodieva – member of the National Association of Volunteers in the Republic of Bulgaria and volunteer “Disasters and Accidents” at Sofia Municipality, Pavel Kunchev – co-founder of the TimeHeroes.org volunteer platform, Vera Kirilova – Network Coordinator of National Alliance for Volunteer Work and coordinator of several projects related to philanthropy among students and health education and its moderator – Ivan Bondakov, national coordinator of MOVE.BG and the network of volunteers of the organization. The discussion was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Kalin Kamenov and Alexandra Mircheva – Member of the Board of the National Youth Forum.

Which united the opinions of our guests

The respondents shared the view that it is increasingly necessary to adopt the Volunteer Law, as well as to establish forms for validating the knowledge and skills accumulated by volunteering by employers and the education system.

Kalin Kamenov said: “From this discussion, I understand that volunteering has a strong base among young people. I am convinced that it will develop. It is a matter of time to adopt a Volunteer Freedom Act. “

According to Pavel Kunchev of TimeHeroes, volunteering should not replace the role of the state , but it still requires institutional support to be sustainable. Tihomira Metodieva noted that there is a need to establish local structures as social centers to provide follow-up support to people affected by disasters.

Vera Kirilova presented the data from a survey of the NRA, indicating that young people aged 16-24 as well as citizens of 45+ are the most actively engaged in volunteering in Bulgaria. Symptomatically, active volunteers often work in two or more spheres of activity.

The live dialogue also included the online audience, who put his questions and comments on the Facebook page of the event and directly into the MOVE.BG channel on Youtube where the discussion was broadcast directly.

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